Chair Matthew Smith
Vice Chair Amy Facchinello
Secretary Anne DeLisle
Treasurer Tom Coy

Elected Members:

Doug Benchley, Dawn Cadle, Tom Cook, Janet Couch, Leah Davis, Nicholas Goyette, Preston Hards, Morgan Jackson, Jonathan Mieczkowski, Judy Priestley, Doneille Quinn, Anne Redmond, Virginia Sepankak, Carla Smith, and Dana Whitehead.


Statutory Members:

Senator Ruth Johnson, Senator Ken Horn, Representative Dave Martin, Representative Mike Mueller, Meredith Davis, Matthew Smith, Debbie Hoss, Jesse Couch, Shaun Shumaker, Christina Fitchett-Hickson, Brian Lutze, Steve Sanford, Gary Goetzinger, Sean Trowbridge, Rod Shumaker, Jim Miraglia.


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